Easy Steps To Backup Your Linksys Wireless Network Adapter Configuration

So your Computer just crashed or the Wireless Network configuration decided to go south and lose your Linksys wireless adapter configuration. No problem…right? You have all the configuration settings handy in a safe location, that includes the SSID, and the long passphrase for the WPA or WEP password?

What you don’t?? Well it’s time to back it up now, before it’s to late.

To backup the Linksys wireless adapter configuration installed in your PC:

Open the Wireless Network Monitor from the System Tray (green icon next to the clock) by double clicking on it or from the Start menu, Programs, and look for the Linksys Wireless Network Adapter program group.

Once Network Monitor opens, select the Profiles tab at the top, then select Export and save to a location on your hard drive or to a backup location (such as CD or USB drive).

If you need to restore the adapter configuration, just select Import from the Network Monitor and your adapter will be configured automatically. If needed you may need to reinstall the Linksys software first before importing the configuration.