Steps to Backup Your Linksys Wireless Router Configuration

Setting up your Linksys wireless router is easy using the Secure Easy Setup (SES) as it steps you through the configuration of creating an SSID, security settings, and connection information. Outside of SES, you probably have created a secure router password and setup MAC filtering.

Then one day your router stops working and you must reset it back to it’s default settings, losing all the configuration information. Not a problem if you have a backup of the configuration that can be easily imported back into the router.

If you have not changed your wireless router IP address, connect to your router with the URL: HTTPS:// and log on. Once you have connected to the administration interface, select from the menu: Administration – Config Management.

Then click on the Backup button and select the destination to save the file (consider saving it CD or USB drive for safe keeping).

If there is a need to restore the settings, first select the browse button and navigate to where you saved the backup file, then select Restore to import the configuration back into the router.

Wireless Adapter Backup

If you have a Linksys wireless adapter installed in your PC, you can also backup the configuration. Open the Network Monitor from the System Tray (green icon next to the clock) and select the Profiles tab at the top, then select Export and save to the same location as above with the router backup.

If you need to restore the adapter configuration, just select Import from the Network Monitor.